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“The Third Chapter” – New Beacon Hill Living community focuses on graceful and intentional aging


Press Release

Contact: Ashley Edwards

Beacon Hill at Eastgate, 616.608.8235


Mary Ann Sabo

Sabo PR, 616.485.1432

Experienced Partners Join Forces to Launch Beacon Hill Living, 
A Series of Michigan Communities Focused on Healthy Aging

Age-targeted Communities Uses Compact, Efficient Homes Designed with

Smart Technology to Increase Health Span, Connectivity and Community

Grand Rapids and Traverse City, Michigan, 3/21/2024 – Beacon Hill at Eastgate, Urbaneer Living and Seamless Ventures have joined forces to launch Beacon Hill Living, which plans to build a series of Michigan communities deliberately focused on healthy aging.


Beacon Hill Living communities will be established in locations that support lifelong learning, hybrid work and engagement in wellness-related activities. Unlike other communities targeting those 55 and older, Beacon Hill Living brings the combined expertise of senior living from Beacon Hill at Eastgate, efficient and optimal design of a smaller footprint home from Urbaneer and access to the newest and best technical integration from Seamless Ventures to focus on healthy aging in place. Residents will have the option to either purchase or rent a home.


Each community will encompass 40-60 single-story homes under 1,200 square feet that will incorporate smart technology designed to increase their owners’ “health span,” or the period of good health not affected by the challenges of aging. Integrating a healthy interior environment with technology designed to monitor health, the Urbaneer-designed homes will form the heart of a sustainable, efficient and convenient community for those in their “third chapter,” as many individuals are redefining their goals, exploring new career paths and pursuing a different sense of purpose.


These communities will be curated by senior living experts Beacon Hill at Eastgate, who will develop service offerings that complement and support the homes and their wellness features. Initial plans for the neighborhoods include central gathering spaces, fitness facilities, walking paths, green space and a care facility, among other amenities that will “future proof” the need to move as residents age. Human-centered design principles will encourage the creation of an intergenerational community and the opportunity to age in place.


Seamless Ventures has done extensive research to better understand the needs of those entering and moving through their third chapters to shape Beacon Hill Living communities. The organization connects innovators with established organizations to help them develop and execute foresight and innovation strategies. In addition to introducing new partners to Beacon Hill Living, Seamless Ventures will facilitate the integration of smart technology into the new homes to monitor and track vital signs and other indicators to ensure a healthy environment.


Beacon Hill Living is working to finalize the location for its first community, which is slated to be in in the Traverse City region, and expects to make an announcement in the second quarter. In the coming years, the partners plan to establish additional communities around the state.


“As our society ages, people are looking for opportunities to build community so they can live meaningful lives and stay engaged long after they leave the workforce,” said Jeff Huegli, president and CEO of Beacon Hill at Eastgate. “We’re pleased to partner with Urbaneer and Seamless Ventures to

unveil Beacon Hill Living, which we think will be attractive to those entering or exploring their third chapters.


“Drawing on our decades of experience working with seniors, we envision a neighborhood designed to support healthy aging that will welcome everyone. Leaning on Urbaneer’s ageless design and Seamless Ventures’ tech expertise, these homes not only fit today’s active lifestyle, they allow residents to age without necessarily having to downsize and move.”


There are 110 million people in the U.S. over the age of 55, the largest percentage in our nation’s history, according to The New York Times. Approximately 30% of households over the age of 60 are home to only one person. Many older adults are living in homes not designed for active aging or are “over-housed,” living in larger family homes despite not having children.


The national housing shortage is contributing to older adults feeling stuck and unable to downsize into housing that better reflects the needs of their third chapter, whether that’s a space for remote work or a home base for travelers.


“Beacon Hill Living represents the ideal harmony between luxury and affordability, offering efficiently designed homes and community for those adults taking aging into consideration as part of their future,” said Bruce Thompson, CEO of Urbaneer Living. “We’re excited to partner on this project and bring the first community to Michigan.


“The fast-growing Traverse City region is an ideal location since it has become a sought-after third-chapter destination, exacerbating the shortage of available housing. These compact, efficient homes will not compromise when it comes to design and amenities. The flexibility and simplicity of the home, in concert with smart technology, will empower residents to create a better living experience for themselves.”


Seamless Ventures has begun work on integrating the robust universe of health-related technology, such as wearables and monitoring devices, with current smart home technology to develop a home environment that will passively yet securely monitor sleep, nutrition, exercise, vital signs and additional factors that contribute to wellness. Using artificial intelligence, or AI, this next-gen technology can than alert homeowners or their care team to changes that might signal a health issue.


“Right now, technology exists that allows us to monitor our health and manage our homes,” said Ben Look, a partner with Seamless Ventures. “By marrying these two, we can create an even smarter home that helps homeowners better understand their current state of wellness and live even healthier.


“We’re delighted be a partner in this exciting project that will harness technology and put it to work in this unique community.” More information on Beacon Hill Living is available at


About the Partners


Beacon Hill at Eastgate


Beacon Hill at Eastgate is home, family and security, dedicated to engaging seniors in an active and fulfilling retirement. Its state-of-the-art campus is a life plan retirement community that offers the complete continuum of care on one campus, including independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing and rehabilitation. Beacon Hill integrates a more highly defined service model

characterized by best practices in the areas of social and clinical services with excellence in hospitality. For more information, visit


Urbaneer Living


Founded in 2013, Urbaneer is a market leader in compact living solutions, designing a suite of unique homes for the way people live today while anticipating the future. The company approaches home building from a product perspective, allowing for consistent delivery of multifunctional and flexible spaces. By leveraging innovative smart home and wellness technology, Urbaneer creates a unique occupant experience. Based in Traverse City, Michigan, Urbaneer partners with modular home building platforms to bring compact, configurable and connected homes to the marketplace. Its unique designs and convertible spaces make for compact homes that live larger and deliver a better resident experience. For more information, visit


Seamless Ventures


Seamless Ventures provides research, consulting, testing and related services to organizations focused on innovation, expansion and strategic growth. The Grand Rapids-based firm partners with established organizations to find best-in-class technology, business models and innovation platforms from around the globe, bringing together startups, entrepreneurs and the public sector to create, test and deploy new businesses. For more information, visit

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